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Suzanne gave me my life back! 

When I started seeing Suzanne, I’d been diagnosed with several autoimmune illnesses including a rare one, Sjogren’s Syndrome.  The Sjogren’s was causing me such dry mouth, I could barely talk or swallow. 

Suzanne listened carefully as I described my symptoms and then, very thoughtfully, came up with a skilled plan. Trained and experienced in lymphatic massage, Suzanne was able to coax my sluggish lymph system alive, which in turn produced saliva!  I was amazed and delighted.

All along the way, Suzanne has geared her approach to meet my individual needs.  She brings with her expertise both as an RN and a muscular therapist. 

Suzanne began to teach me how to do some of the lymphatic massage technique on myself, so that I could be comfortable between sessions and keep up my progress. 

Teaching her clients how to replicate (as best they can) the techniques she uses during their treatment demonstrates, in one of many ways, Suzanne’s commitment to her work and to the people she helps.     

~C.P., Newton (07/24/17)


I was training for the Pan Mass Challenge, a two-day, 182-mile charity bike ride, when I started experiencing bad sciatica that was impacting my riding.  I went to Suzanne who did a thorough assessment then targeted muscle work in my lower back to break up the tension.  I started feeling relief after one session, but continued to return up until the PMC; by the time of the ride, I was completely pain free.  Suzanne did a remarkable job of working out the kinks, listening to my body, and offering helpful tips to ease the pain on my own.  I went for a post-PMC massage and am convinced that regular visits will help prevent stress and injuries for future athletic events.       ~L.L.S., Belmont (8/18/15)


When I have pain from a throbbing migraine or aches from the arthritis in my spine and neck or stiffness and muscle pain from being hunched over my computer too long, I make a massage appointment with Suzanne.  I have had a lot of massage from many different therapists and Suzanne is at the top of my list.  She is well-educated in many different approaches to relieving pain. She takes detailed notes before each session and then gives real thought to the best approach for the individual session. Most therapists have one way they do massage, perhaps lingering a bit longer in your area of pain. Not Suzanne. She is so versatile and thoughtful in the best approach, for that particular day’s needs, every massage is different.  

Last Thanksgiving, I had a friend visiting from Manhattan, someone who has weekly massage. She arrived with tremendous pain in her neck so we contacted Suzanne.  My friend was incredulous at how much better she felt after one hour with Suzanne, who approached her pain in a way no one had ever done before.  

Suzanne is versatile, kind, experienced and completely open to working with you to relieve your pain and bring you better health.                                                                ~S. G., Belmont (2/3/14)


As a chronic sufferer of fibromyalgia, I have been going to Suzanne Cooper for massage therapy for over six years.  Because of Suzanne’s extensive knowledge of the musculature of the body and relevant exercises, as well as  her wonderful massage techniques, I am now able to do as much or more than I could when I did not have fibromyalgia.  Each visit Suzanne listens attentatively to my progress or set backs, keeps extensive notes, and explains the approach she will take during the visit always inviting my input as to what I think will be needed.   When I first started going to Suzanne, she started very gently being sensitive to my low tolerance for pressure on “the hot spots” of my body.  Because of Suzanne’s extensive note-taking she has been able to document the progress she and I have made.  Suzanne and I are a team.  As a result I am committed to exercising, which builds on what Suzanne can do during our massage sessions.  I cannot say enough about Suzanne and the difference she has made in my life.                                                                                                                     ~M.K.S., Carlisle (11/21/11)


I have been a client of Suzanne’s for over 5 years and she has helped me with IT band issues and other ailments from over using my muscles from running and I truly believe I finished many races due to her massage therapy.  Suzanne really listens and asks the right questions to really get to the root of the problem.  She will take the time to show you how to relieve the pain when you are between visits.  I would recommend Suzanne to anyone who is looking for an overall fantastic massage and/or a problem area that needs to be addressed; you can’t go wrong either way.                                                                                                                             ~L.M., Belmont (11/20/11)


Suzanne Cooper is an excellent muscular therapist and I recommend her with highest regard.   She is a professional with excellent skills in a variety of types of massage.  She is sensitive to my own muscular issues--a body registering a lifetime of anxieties and stresses--to which she devises an individual treatment.  She gives individual attention, using feedback from me, to the areas of greatest discomfort which do, in fact, get better over time.  Going regularly I find gives me the greatest benefit.   I am very very pleased with my progress.  I plan to continue with Suzanne because she helps me change behaviors and helps me carry on with my own efforts to heal tense and painful muscles.                                                                                                                             ~E.S., Arlington (10/4/11)



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